June 6, 2016

Paul Ross

Mr. Ross was born in London, England and has enjoyed a varied career in both the local banking industry and exempt company marketplace. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University in 1982. In 1990 he attained the CCM (Corporate Cash Manager) designation and followed in 1994 by being awarded the AIAF (Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance).

Paul has held jobs of increasing responsibility in the business environment succeeding in both the investment and insurance fields. Prior to joining the Bermuda Security Group he accounted for a significant investment portfolio, ensured that investment managers complied with established guidelines, and produced the five year strategic plan for a mid-sized reinsurance company.

Following that, Mr. Ross was primarily responsible for the accounting of a major hedge fund with substantial assets greater than $1 billion. He brings his 25 years of corporate experience to Bermuda Security Group after joining the company in 2005.