BSG Accounts Information and Login Information

  • Who can use BSG login accounts?

    Anyone with access to your login information. Keep that information as private as possible.
  • When will my accounts be available for use?

    Once your account details have been verified by the BSG Monitoring Centre team, your accounts will be available for use.
  • Where can I ask questions about my login accounts?

    You can email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Do the Apps cost anything?

    All apps that are available for BSG services are free with sign up for those services that are compatible with the apps.
  • Can I pay on my accounts online? is not yet programmed to accept online payments, however payments can be made via Bermuda’s online banking platforms. Bermuda Security Group is listed as a recognized vendor in all Bermuda’s banking institutions.

Products and Services

  • Where can I inquire about products or services that I'm not sure where to find?

    To find out more about Commercial Products and Services, click here. To find out more about Residential products and services, click here. For additional information, email us at or call 292-8181
  • Does BSG have a storefront where I can buy hardware?

    You can visit our store location at 43 King Street in Hamilton or call 292-8181 for our sales department for more information.
    Home detection and Alarm systems , safes, door locks, chain locks.
  • Is there a 24-hour emergency service number I can call for any assistance?

    299-2227 is our 24 hour BSG Monitoring Center Number number.


  • Where can I find out about career options with BSG?

    As one of Bermuda’s largest employers, we are always looking to welcome new members to our team. Click here to see our Careers page.