The Bermuda Security Group is Bermuda’s premier security and life safety company, providing premium security technology, products, services island-wide. Services ranges from video surveillance to fire alarm systems. With various partners and many different divisions of the company incorporated into one the organization is flourishing. BSG wants to revolutionize how security is being developed and maintained on the Island and the Caribbean, eventually to grow to an international level. With this website we want our customers to feel at ease about all their security needs and to simply find whatever they are looking for.

Bermuda Security Group Founded

The Bermuda Security Group was founded in 1969


Merger with Bermuda Central Station

In 1980, BSG merged with Bermuda Central Station to provide security systems and a locally based alarm monitoring station, enabling BSG to offer the fullest range of security services.

In 1984, with the acquisition of premises at 42 King Street, Hamilton, BSG has become a forerunner in the security industry in Bermuda.


The Security Centre Limited was launched

In 1999, the BSG invested in a joint venture in the Cayman Islands, which led to the creation of The Security Centre Limited in April 2000. It is intended that the organization will become the base of the corporation’s business interests throughout the Caribbean. As further business ventures and opportunities are being explored in this region


BSG acquired by Mr. Herman Tucker

BSG was acquired in 2002 by Mr. Herman Tucker, who has more than 20 years experience in the public sector, including 9 years at the executive level of the Bermuda Civil Service. He has also held appointments as Director of Civil Aviation, Permanent Secretary of Transport and Assistant Cabinet Secretary.


Absorbed Integrated Systems of Bermuda

In 2010, BSG endured additional major changes when it took over the monitoring and service of a large client base previously serviced by Integrated Systems of Bermuda (ISB). BSG also formed a partnership with Safeguard International Security Limited Bermuda by combining their Guard Services Divisions and forming a new company; Security Associates Limited. Additionally, with the acquisition of Safeguard’s Locksmithing and Fire Suppressant unit into the group of companies, Safe Limited was formed.


Wayne Edwards Appointed Chief Operations Officer

In April 2010, Mr. Tucker stepped down from his position as C.E.O. of BSG, whilst remaining as Company President and Chairman. Mr. Tucker entrusted the overall management of the company to Mr. Wayne Edwards, who was promoted from V.P. of Security Services to Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Edwards is supported by an experienced management team with vast security experience behind them.


Bermuda Security Group

The Bermuda Security Group is Bermuda's premier security and life safety company, providing premium security technology, products, services island-wide.


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Dr. Crockwell Sr. was the former Chief Operating Executive Officer of Safeguard International Security Ltd. and presently serves as a Director of Safeguard Holdings Ltd. He has enjoyed a tremendous career in local security which spans over thirty-five years.

His present oversight of security contracts includes, Aviation Security; Maritime Security; Healthcare Security; Security for Retail Business; Security and Corporate Companies. He received his qualifications from the U.K. Department of Transportation in Maritime and Aviation level 3.

Dr. Crockwell has also qualified as a professional investigator from the U.K. under the Bluemoon College and a diploma in Business Administration from Lee University. In 2003 he graduated from Canada Christian College with his Master of Theology, and in 2014 he graduated from the same college with a Doctorate in Theology.

Born in Bermuda, Kovan Smith immigrated to Southern California obtaining an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology in 1979 and returned home in 1996. He accepted an opportunity to work in the hospitality industry at the Fairmont Southampton Resort & Hotel and soon discovered his passion for the business of security. Within a 4-year period he was appointed as Security Manager.

In September 2004 he was hired by Bermuda Security Group Ltd. to supervise their maritime security operations and by years end Kovan had received a certificate from the U.K. Department for Transport as a Level 5A Trainer in Aviation Security.

After a merger between Bermuda Security Group and Safeguard International Limited physical security divisions, he was promoted to the position of Group Training & Compliance Officer in January 2011 and to Group Training & Quality Control Manager in 2018. He enjoys a rewarding and challenging relationship with our security officers in the group.

Charlie Grange joined Bermuda Security Group in August 1986 as a Technician, born in the United Kingdom and a Bermudian. Charlie worked with ADT in London as a Service Technician prior to joining our company.

He has been with BSG at every step of our technology advancement and lead this side of our business hence his current position as the company’s Technical Director. Charlie is a member of the Institute for Leadership and Management, he is NFPA certified and holds an Associate Degree in Automation Management.

Away from the office he is an active member of the Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society.

Mr. Speight qualified as a Chartered Accountant (UK) after obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics at age 20. Neil has over 25 years of experience at Board Director, CEO and CFO positions in a range of successful international and Bermuda companies.

Most recently Neil has served for 8 years on the Executive Board of the International Cricket Council, the international federation responsible for the sport of cricket.

Mr. Pitcher has worked in the Security Industry for the past 25 years predominately in the Caribbean Region with an introduction to the industry at Brinks Jamaica Limited, a member of Guardsman Group, with a transfer from the Finance Department to Operations.

He joined our Group in 2012 have worked in many areas of the security industry inclusive of Electronic, Physical, Armed Response, Central Station and Cash Management Services. Richard experience working in a 24/7/365 environment with multiple offices has afford him the ability for adaptation.

At his last tenure he was engaged as the Administration & Logistics Manager with responsibility for the Armoury, Facilities Management for four offices, Technical, Central Station, Fleet Management and Operations Departments. He is holder of various security designation including Personal Protection Specialist, PFSO(Port Facility Security Officer, AVSEC (Aviation Security) Manager and Protectors Pistol Courses.

Mr. Rudo joined Bermuda Security Group as Airport Contract Manager in 2008 and was assigned to L F Wade International. He served this post for three years before being promoted to Vice President of Group Human Resources in 2011. Wylie is United Kingdom Department of Transportation Aviation Security Level 1 and 3 certified.

As career Human Resources Manager, the three years assigned to our operations department provided valuable insight of the security industry and the persons working within the sector

Mr. Jernigan, a spouse of a Bermudian, joined our Group of Companies in May of 2016 following a successful security career in the US leading various verticals of business for organizations such as Tyco, G4S, Stanley, and Johnson Controls. Mr. Jernigan has extensive leadership experience driving government, commercial, and retail vertical markets that spans across 20 years. Mr. Jernigan’s leadership experience includes operations, sales, and marketing.

Keith remains involved in various security industry associations such as Society of Military Engineers and American Society for Industrial Security. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing from American International College.

Mr. Edwards was born in Bermuda and has enjoyed a varied career in law enforcement for over 20 years, which includes 16 years at H.M. Customs. While at H.M. Customs he spent 10 years serving on various enforcement support teams as well as managing the Joint Intelligence Unit.

Mr. Edwards has a Diploma in Security Management from Leicester University and Certificates in Supervisory Management and Human Resources from the Bermuda College. Equally important, while at Leicester University, Wayne obtained a Master of Science Degree in Security and Risk Management in January 27, 2006. He also has benefited from Government sponsored courses and is a trained Intelligence Analyst and Commercial Fraud Investigator.

Wayne joined Bermuda Security Group in June 2005, as the Aviation Security Contract Manager and was responsible for managing the aviation security contracts held by Bermuda Security Group at the Bermuda International Airport. Wayne was further promoted to Vice President Security Services in 2008 and currently is Senior Vice President Customer Relations with responsibility of all BSG customers and leads the Security Services Division. He is the siting Chairman of Bermuda Chamber of Commerce -Security Division.

Mr. Tucker was born in Bermuda and has enjoyed a varied career in aviation, transport and security. In 1978, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Air Commerce and Flight Technology from the Florida Institute of Technology and later received his MBA from the same Institute.

In 1983 Mr. Tucker joined the Bermuda Government as a Management Trainee and progressed through the civil service until his appointment as Director of Civil Aviation in 1994. After 5 years in this position he was appointed to the post of Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Transport in 1999. He remained in this position until his acquisition of Bermuda Security Group Limited in June 2002 and installation as President and CEO.

In November 2002 he was also appointed as a Justice of the Peace. In 2010, Mr. Tucker stepped down as Company CEO whilst retaining his position as President and Chairman of the Board.

BSG Physical Security Protectors are trained to respond based on the deployment, standard operating procedures, governing regulatory authority and contractual obligations. The modern world of physical security demands a Security Officer is highly trained, with technical and interpersonal skills, attired appropriately for the services delivered, and to facilitate our clients philosophy.

Our team members provide a valuable presence with sound judgement, are punctual, and facilitate your customer experience on Land, Sea, and Air.