At Bermuda Security Group, we believe in the power and value of our community. We are a company founded on principles of integrity, conscientiousness and affording peace of mind in our community through our work in security and life safety. And we have learned that investments in the social fabric of our community can yield significant positive returns for Bermuda. It is with this understanding that we have allocated as a key part of our annual business plan to commit resources to rigorously selected, sustainable programmes.

Bermuda Pilot Gig Club

Bermuda Security Group provided $2,500 cash sponsorship to the Bermuda Pilot Gig Club which helped in their bid to compete internationally for the first time ever at the World Pilot Gig Championships on the Isles of Scilly in April 2016. The club has a diverse membership of men and women and is growing to include rowers from Central and Western parishes beyond its St. George’s base. BSG is proud to be a corporate sponsor.

The Tilapia Project

Sandy’s Secondary Middle School has pioneered aqua-farming project in Bermuda. The students play an integral part in the farming of the Tilapia throughout the life-cycle The Aqua-farm project supported by the Bermuda Department of Fisheries provides a real-life STEM learning opportunity. Biology, Chemistry, Language, Technology and Arts have, so far, all been integrated in the programme to provide and enriched curriculum for the middle school students. BSG has committed to providing access control, electronic security and video surveillance to keep the farm safe and secure once its renovations are complete.

West End Schools

Bermuda Security Group along with our sister company, SA Ltd, have supported initiatives for public primary schools including teacher training and student lunches.

Cricket in Bermuda

Cricket is a major sport for the people of Bermuda and Bermuda Security Group has for many years put its support behind the cricket community. In conjunction with sister company, SA, we have been in-kind and financial sponsors for the Somerset Bridge Cricket Club based at White Hill. We believe creating an opportunity for communities to hone their skills and compete is a valuable investment in the security of what matters to Bermuda. We also provide sponsorship to girls’ cricket and the Bermuda Cricket Board.

Bermuda Schools WaterWise

Bermuda Schools WaterWise is a school based, teacher led cross curricular programme that has integrated science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths from the start to help young people in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. International Finn sailor, and Olympic sailing coach, Gus Miller created the programme and worked to make it a reality in Bermuda.

BSG served as a lead sponsor for the 2015 programme year. With $20,000 in cash sponsorship and in-kind support, BSG joined the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation in helping to realize the programme for the 2015 period..

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