September 24, 2019

BSG Certifies Five Civil Aviation Security Trainers

Bermuda Security Group [BSG] has announced successful accreditation of five locals at the International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] Certified Instructors course hosted at their facility.

The accreditation meets standards set by the ICAO, a United Nations specialized agency, which sets forth standards and protocols related to air matters and aviation security. Jurisdictions with international airports such as LF Wade International must meet ICAO security standards.

Bermuda Security Group engaged Redline Assured Security, an ICAO accredited organization to deliver the seven-day course in Bermuda.

According to the provider’s website, the course is designed for personnel involved in development, management, and or instruction of training materials related to a civil aviation security training programme. It is particularly geared for airport operators, and aviation security services providers such as BSG and its sister company, Security Associates [SA].

BSG invited Skyport to send a team member to join the training course, which included trainers from BSG and SA. They are now all certified as trainers.

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