August 9, 2016

Move from Low Tech to High Tech with Automatic Doors

When building or renovating your Bermuda business, the choice of doors should be seen both as a key design and security concern. The professionals at Bermuda Security Group (BSG) suggest that in the same way more businesses are opting for high tech, smart security and environmental solutions, they should consider the advantages of adding automatic doors into the mix.

BSG has recently unveiled its Automatic Door Division, which offers state of the art automatic door technology in a range of sleek design options. Their team will integrate security technology and environmental management solutions into the operation of the BSG automatic door while working with your team to select the door that best fits your building aesthetic. Automatic Doors provide unique access control that can draw increased foot traffic, provide a convenient and welcoming entryway, while limiting energy consumption by keeping cool air inside.

Our automatic doors can be found in restaurants, supermarkets, offices, and institutions island wide including the Bermuda Hospital, and The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. Call our team today and schedule a meeting with our sales team to see our inventory of quality automatic doors.